Custom-fit Inspira Nasal Mask

Inspirate Medical Custom-fit Nasal Mask


Inspiramask Nasal, for those who would like to try something smaller and less intrusive.

The following applies to the product:

100% Fit Guarantee
Free 3D Scan
30 Days Free Return
Connects with any CPAP machines

Technical Specifications


Height: 8.5 cm (Height might differ depending on customization)

Length: 8.5 cm

Width: 10.5 cm

Weight of Mask: (Weight might differ depending on customization) 40 g

Weight of Straps: 25 g

Nozzle Rotation: 3-axis (360 degrees, 360 degrees, 75 degrees) to give a full range of freedom

Compatible Air Pressure: 4-20 cmH2O

Headgear: 4 straps adjusted with Velcro, without headgear.

Compatible Tubing: Standard 22 mm tubing

Safety Features: Anti-asphyxia vent, hypoallergenic medical grade silicone

Sizes Available: Each mask is customized to that individual wearer!

Materials: Frame: Polycarbonate. Cushion: Medical grade silicone. Straps: Nylon/Lycra