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What happens when I preorder?

If you preorder, you will be one of the first people to know when our custom CPAP masks are available in your region!

You can simply do so by entering your email address here, and we’ll keep you updated (very) closely. We won’t ask for your payment information, and definitely won’t ask you to pay anything!

You can preorder really easily by entering your email address here:

What is a CPAP mask?

If you or your loved ones have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), you would be familiar with this already! When people with OSA sleep, they experience episodes in which their breathing stops. As a result, they don’t receive enough oxygen, and their sleep quality suffers.

Doctors often prescribe CPAP to patients with OSA. CPAP – Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy – involves the patient wearing a CPAP mask every day during sleep. This mask is connected to a CPAP machine, which is essentially an air pump that continuously pushes air into the mask. As the air pressure in the mask is increased, the patient will find it easier to breathe, and thus have better sleep!

What are the benefits of the Inspira Mask?

The most common problem among CPAP wearers is mask fit. Mass-produced masks often fit poorly on the face, leaving gaps that leak air, while painfully pressing on other parts of the face.

The Inspira Mask, however, is a customised CPAP mask made especially for you! Using state-of-the-art 3D-scanning and 3D-printing technology, the Inspira mask is made to exactly fit your facial contours, resulting in zero air leaks and total comfort.

Why should I feel confident about the Inspira Mask?

We have tried the mask with many different patients, and each of them has given us the same feedback: that the mask fits very well! Our 3D-scanning-and-printing process has made sure that air leaks are completely eliminated. The result is pure comfort and a pain-free experience!

We guarantee the fit of each and every mask we make. If you find that your mask does not fit well, simply drop us an email within 30 days of receiving the mask and we will fully refund you!

I’m allergic to latex! Is it safe for me to wear the Inspira Mask?

Inspira Masks are made using medical grade silicone that is hypoallergenic, meaning that it will not cause any allergic reactions. Not only that, the silicone is so safe and biocompatible that it can even be implanted within the human body for up to 29 days! We painstakingly check each and every mask we make to ensure that you will receive a mask of highest quality.

Do note that if you have a very rare allergic reaction to silicone, you might experience adverse effects with this mask – do consult your physician to check!

Do I need to ask my doctor before I try the Inspira Mask?

We have created the Inspira Mask to be functionally identical to any other CPAP masks available in the market – just a lot more comfortable and leak-free! We believe that you can safely and confidently substitute your current prescribed mask with the Inspira Mask with no problems.

Is it covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, we are currently not working with any insurance providers yet, but it is definitely in the immediate pipeline. Do subscribe to our newsletter to remain updated!

Will the Inspira Mask work with my current CPAP machine?

Yes! We use a standard tubing size of 22 mm, which would fit most CPAP masks. There’s no need to purchase adaptors at all.

Is it available in nasal pillow?

Currently, the Inspira Mask is available in both nasal and full-face. We are currently working hard to create a nasal pillow version for you! If you are interested in the nasal pillow form, do subscribe to us to receive updates!

How do I get an Inspira Mask?

First things first, simply click here to indicate your interest in purchasing the mask (you will NOT be asked to pay, and will NOT be asked to enter your credit card information yet).

Our CPAP artisans will contact you, and then we will then arrange a face scan with you at a location near your place of residence. The face scan will only take 5 minutes, and does not involve any moulding materials – the scan is purely optical in nature.

Once the scan is done, we will get busy to create a customised mask for you! Upon completion of the mask (usually 3 business days after the scan), we will ship out the mask to you via DHL.

Then you can enjoy the best sleep of your life!

How do I wear the Inspira Mask?

It is as simple as wearing other CPAP masks – just wear it, and use the Velcro straps to adjust the fit. We will provide you a personalised mask placement guide to help you place the mask over your face the way we intend it.

How long will the Inspira Mask last?

Generally Inspira masks last about 6-12 months. Some yellowing may set in after a couple months of wear, but this does not affect the integrity of the mask. One of our co-founders, Ivan, has been wearing the same mask for 8 months, and it’s working wonderfully!

I have purchased the mask, and has also been scanned. How do I receive the mask?

Thanks for being part of the Inspirate family! First, we will take about 3 business days to design, craft, and produce your mask to make sure that it exactly fits you. Once that is done, we will arrange a delivery service to your doorsteps. No matter where you are, we provide free shipping to all four corners of the world! Shipping will take anywhere between 3-5 days, but we’ll keep you updated with the tracking number!

How do I replace the Inspira Mask?

If you feel that the mask silicone is losing its elasticity, you can easily get a replacement by re-purchasing through our website. You don’t need to come in for another scan, as we can use the previous data!

However, if you feel that your weight has significantly changed (± 5 kg) since the last time you had a scan, we strongly recommend that you come in for another scan, to ensure that you will have the most perfect fit.

How do I take care of my Inspira Mask?

We recommend you dismantle your mask twice a week and give it a good wash with soapy warm water! The straps are also machine washable. Please avoid the usage of chlorine, alcohol, or other solvent-based cleansing products as this might prematurely cause the silicone to harden.