Our mission

to finally say goodbye to CPAP pains and leaks.

At Inspirate Medical, we work hard every day for one purpose: to make sure that everyone suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea can enjoy a good night’s sleep everyday.

We know how terrible the condition is. Many of our founders’ family members are affected by OSA, and they suffer daily from insufficient sleep, cranky moods, and loud nightly snores. The one thing they had in common was this: they had tried CPAP, yet they chose not to wear it. All due to one reason:

The CPAP mask was uncomfortable.

million people have OSA


hate their CPAP masks


quit CPAP within the first year

Only 4% of OSA patients wear CPAP every day. That says a lot about how uncomfortable the therapy is.


After asking hundreds of patients on CPAP, we boiled down the problem to two things:

Leaks and pain.

Ordinary CPAP masks don’t exactly fit each person’s face, resulting in air leaks through the gaps. In response, we strap the mask on more tightly, resulting in pain and irritation on sensitive spots such as the nose bridge. This is why many OSA patients have red marks on their face!

Our mission at Inspirate Medical is to make masks that don’t cause leaks and pain. We found that the best way to do it is by making each mask fit each patient exactly. And that is what we set out to do.


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Inspirate Medical is proudly based in Singapore.

But we’ll be available in the USA, the UK, Australia, and your country in 2017!

The Founders

Norman Wanto

Norman Wanto


“Led by Inspirate Medical, 3D-printed masks will become the new golden standard in the next years to come”

Ivan Suriady

Ivan Suriady


“Sleep Apnea is a global affliction, and we are going to engineer the best solution there is!”

Felisa Tirtawinata

Felisa Tirtawinata


“Can’t stand your husband’s loud snores every night? Order a custom CPAP mask for him right away!”

The Advisors

John Shi-Nash

Strategy & Legal

Prof Raye Yeow

Mask Interface

Prof Jerry Fuh

3D Printing

Prof Yu Hao Yong


Dr Mahesh


Prof Yen Ching Chiuan

Industrial Design

Dr Daniel Goh



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